Friday, August 22, 2008

About beauty sleep

Do you know sleep is very crucial? Even for beauties like ME?
[Korkor: *puke*]

According to some beauty gurus and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) practitioners, the best time for sleeping is between 10pm to 3am as this is the time where cellular replenishing of nutrients is carried out.

Due to my hectic schedule (Well, 10pm is supposed to be my supper time), the earliest that I can go to bed is 10:15pm. But to compensate, I will sleep all the way through till 4am as that is also about the time that I need to wake my Mummy up.
[Jiejie: Yaya! Thats the time when you start bugging Mummy for breakfast! All you can think about is FOOD!]

There are times when the time is up but my Jiejie (who sleeps together with me) still refuse to go to bed. My Korkor blamed it on her recent addiction to some silly Taiwanese entertainment show on Channel 102 which featured a group of act cute boys. As a result of this, I am deprived of my beauty sleep! This is SO wrong!

Now, for a doggy, I am very very conscious about my beauty sleep. At times like this, I will be very independent. Instead of waiting for Jiejie to go to bed, I will help myself to her super single bed. For a doggy, I've got very good self-discipline.
[Jiejie: Yayaya! But no self-discipline when it comes to food hor?!]

What to do? Beauty sleep is more important ah mah!

PS: Korkor, please sleep early. Beauty sleep is also good for guys and their naggy mummy, not only beauties like me :P

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