Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Busy Busy Busy :)

I know it's kind of late but FINALLY Jiejie has completed the cards for the Christmas Card Exchange :)

I tried to help a little but she kept complaining about me folding the origami the wrong way :P End up she has gotta do all the 100+ origami Christmas trees all by herself! It's fun seeing her doing all the folding while I am lying on my comfy pillow chilling out hehe :P

She however allowed me to play with the new cutter that produces a really cute cut-out that coincidentally resembles me especially the cute muzzle, fat bum and short tail.

The colors were chosen by my Jiejie as I have no particular preference (it's either black, white or grey if you let me choose :P).

But my Jiejie is STILL very obsessed with her Feng Shui stuffs when doing the cards. See even the way she aligned the envelopes for taking this photo has a Feng Shui meaning -_-"

Jiejie: It's elementary dear.... Wood (green) nourishes Fire (orange) which in turns nourishes Earth (yellow)....
Me: Yawn....

All these will be posted out tomorrow :)

Cards Received

Korkor was really surprised and jealous when he saw the number of cards attention to me when he checks the mailbox yesterday.

The cards were lovely and it was really fun seeing my name on the envelopes :D Korkor laughed when he saw King King's card - it was attention to Miss Ong Bee Bee hehe!

Thanks Simba! Thanks Lady, Zena and Cody! Thanks King King! Thanks Amber-Mae!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've not been updating my blog for quite some time ALL THANKS to my Jiejie :P

Jiejie has been busy with attending Four Pillars classes and as a result of that, I hardly see her at home EXCEPT when it's time to sleep. Now that the course has ended, I finally get to spend more time with her :)

Just when I thought finally we could have more quality time together, that mad woman had to ruin it by deciding to revise her notes on Feng Shui Applications :P

Oops! There's this trick on the notes that teaches people how to deal with kids who are hyperactive. Let me cover it before she notices it and decides to use it on me.... shhhh....

But Jiejie, I think you should use the "make lazy people hardworking" trick on Korkor the lazy bum though :P *runs and hides*

Friday, November 14, 2008

Updates - Not SO angry with Korkor now....

After reading the last post and the comments left by all you sweet beings (I lub you all!), my Korkor finally admits that it was his mistake NOT RIGHT of him to miss the schedule :P
Korkor: BUT I didn't do anything wrong! I was fixing the wireless configuration so that your Jiejie can surf using the IBM as well!
Jiejie: Please leave me out of this, don't drag me in :P

And to compensate me, he fed me my supper at 9:54pm last night! Woah! Thats exactly 6 mins earlier than usual!

Korkor, you still owe me TWO mins and I'll be counting! Bleahhh ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Angry with Korkor

My Korkor is really evil. Hng!
Jiejie: Now then you know ah? :P

Jiejie has been telling me about how evil Korkor is (because Korkor deliberately don't want to teach Jiejie how to switch on his PSP and load the Brain Games - he don't want her to play with his toy when he is not around!) although I always chose to give him the benefit of doubt. BUT last night, I am TOTALLY convinced that Korkor IS evil!

You see, I am a very disciplined dog. I like to do my things according to schedule. So according to my schedule, I am supposed to have my supper at 10:00pm and after that, I'll head for the bed straight. It's not good to eat and sleep immediately for human, but for doggies, you can eat ANYTIME hee!

I think my Korkor hates me for spoiling his Boon Lay market and so last night he sort of deliberately missed the scheduled time for my supper! He MISSED it! So petty and revengeful! Hng!

He spent the entire night fiddling with his IBM Thinkpad and ignored Jiejie's constant reminders to feed me my supper. I could have gotten Jiejie to do it but it's not as fun - Jiejie will just dump everything into the bowl while Korkor will torture me and expect me to perform in front of Mummy to earn my treats play with me a little first before surrendering the treats.

And yes. As a result, I missed my usual bedtime and could only sleep at 10:08pm. Shame on Korkor!!!! Hmmph!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

About spoiling market

*Gasp* Did you hear anything about the market that has been spoilt?

Jiejie mumbled this to me last night while I was half asleep so I didn't really hear very clearly, beauty sleep is more important, no?

I vaguely remember her saying things about ".... you are spoiling market.... dogs are supposed to watch the house and be the last to fall asleep.... why are you sleeping so early?.... now Mummy thinks that Korkor and I aren't sensible.... She said you are the most sensible.... you happy now.... you spoilt the market!"

Singlish (Singaporean English) Definition: spoil market

  1. A term used to describe someone who does his work so well, he makes his colleagues look bad.
    “Check out how Ah Seng's report! Got leather binding and colour transparencies! He damn spoil market one.”
Source: www.talkingcock.com

I wonder which market is that? Could it be the Boon Lay Market? Thats the nearest market that I can remember. Oh no, does that means no more Midnight Express Nasi Lemak supper for Korkor ! *yawn*
Korkor: -_-"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everybody is sick!

Korkor is sick.

Jiejie is sick.

Daddy thinks that he is sick.

Mummy is on her regular dose of hypertension medication.

And I am proud to announce that I am the ONLY ONE in the household that is NOT on any medication *mega grin* :D
Korkor: Erm, do you think we should let her resume her medication?

NooooOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOooooo! *scream*

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

About rainy days

Rainy days are perfect for lazing on bed, don't you think so?

I think I need a blanket, one for MYSELF, not shared with Korkor or Jiejie.
Jiejie: Does it matter? You'll end up snatching our blankets what!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

About my date with Dr Ling

I am due for a hot date review with Dr Ling this coming weekend.

I was happily planning the trip when the phone rang.

Dr Ling is sick! Oh my dog! Oh my dog! Oh my dog! Oh my dog!

The mee see clinic assistant who called Jiejie said that Dr Ling's finger (right hand) was bitten by a stray cat and the wound is now inflammed! She'll be going for an operation and will be away for at least 3 weeks! Gosh! The wound must be very bad :(

I was angry at that stray kitty at first because it spoilt my plan Dr Ling is a very gentle and friendly person and I cannot understand why the kitty would do such a thing to Dr Ling. Jiejie chided me and told me the kitty might have acted defensive because of painful past experience with humans and that I shouldn't jump to conclusion.

I hope Dr Ling will take good care and rest well. I hope the kitty will be ok too.

Now I need to think of another excuse reason to go out.

Korkor, I think my nails are very very very very long already you know? :P

Monday, October 20, 2008

About DIY Mud Spa :P

I don't know if it is the Elimination Diet or other stuffs that I have been doing but the skin does seems to be healthier *touch wood*

And to share with you, one of the other stuffs which I have been doing is the weekly Mud Spa sessions :)

Jiejie heard from Dr Ling some pet owners commented that sending their pet for mud spa seems to help improve the skin condition. Well, Jiejie has developed this phobia of sending me to the groomers after our last unpleasant experience (I developed more rashes after the session) hence the idea of DIY Mud Spa for me came to her mind!
Korkor: *this crazy woman*

As she wasn't sure of what kind of "mud" would be suitable for my delicate skin, she sought the help from Jess Jiejie, the lovely owner of Yours Essentially. Jess Jiejie suggested White Kaolin Clay as it is the mildest clay available which is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Jiejie did a patch test on me and monitored for a week just to ensure that I am not allergic to the clay. Hmmm.... is that consider animal testing? :P
Jiejie: No. Period.

The end result is a smoother and softer coat which I don't really like! Well, would you like it if your humans kept stroking you none-stop JUST to feel the smoothness and softness of your coat BUT not because they feel like sayang-ing (meaning: show affection for) you? Okok, I shouldn't be complaining, afterall, I am getting extra caressing :P

The DIY Mud Spa process is very simple. Jiejie will first shampoo me as per normal and after rinsing, she will apply the diluted clay all over me, paying more attention to the spots which I often had rashes. She will then leave the clay on me for a few minutes while she do some other stuffs like cleansing my pillow cases or toys. After a few minutes, she'll massage my coat again *ooooh I love this part* before proceeding to the final rinse.

I've been Spa-ed weekly for more than a month already and my skin condition improved tremendously. As such, she has placed an order for more clay :P
Korkor: 12oz?!!!! *this crazy woman*

Thursday, October 16, 2008

About eating snake

Disaster! Jiejie came home early yesterday and caught me "eating snake" (meaning: sleeping on the job)! I was not at the door performing my usual guard duty.

Jiejie, PLEASE believe me, I AM not sleeping! I am PRETENDING to be asleep! See! My ear is on standby! My eyes eye is half open!
Korkor: Oh reeeaaaaaally? "Mai Kay Kay" (meaning: Don't try to deny) :P

As a punishment, Jiejie say she will be taking the day off tomorrow to monitor me closely!

Dictionary: punishment
    1. The act or an instance of punishing.
    2. The condition of being punished.
  1. A penalty imposed for wrongdoing: “The severity of the punishment must . . . be in keeping with the kind of obligation which has been violated” (Simone Weil).
  2. Rough handling; mistreatment: These old skis have taken a lot of punishment over the years.
Source: www.answers.com

Argh! Punishment? I don't quite understand this. But anyhow. Why didn't they tell me EARLIER?! *snigger*
Jiejie: Sigh.... I am not quite sure if I am punishing you OR punishing myself -_-"

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

About Uncle Sky

This is Uncle Sky. His mummy Aunt P is the aunt of my Jiejie & Korkor so by right he should be my cousin but due to unknown reasons, my Korkor said Sky is my uncle hence that makes him my uncle.

I like Uncle Sky, although I know he gets irritated whenever I bugs him. It's okay Uncle Sky. Eventhough you snapped at me twice when you came to visit my mummy, I still like you.

Over the weekend, we overheard mummy talking about Uncle Sky.

Apparently, Jiejie's cousin - Cousin E (Aunt P's son) has just got married and will be moving to a new unit soon. Aunt P is supposed to move into the new unit with them. Cousin E's wife has make it a point that she does not want to have dogs in HER house and that makes Aunt P very upset.

I am puzzled because Cousin E's wife used to visit Aunt P every weekend and I didn't hear her complaining about Uncle Sky then. Jiejie said I cannot say bad things about Cousin E's wife changing her face attitude after the matrimony paper is signed eventhough it seems to be very obvious.

I hope mummy heard the wrong thing because IF THAT IS THE TRUTH, then this is very upsetting :( Uncle Sky has been with my Aunt P for almost 10 years and I am very sure Aunt P will be very very very very upset if she's not allowed to bring Uncle Sky to the new place.

Jiejie say I cannot say bad things about her Cousin E's wife eventhough I think that is terrible of Cousin E's wife to not allow Uncle Sky into the new place IF THAT IS THE TRUTH.

Jiejie say I must keep my cool eventhough I think that Cousin E's wife is cruel and hardhearted to even harbour that thought IF THAT IS THE TRUTH.

Jiejie say I must not lose my temper eventhough I think that Cousin E's wife is being unreasonable and unaccommodating IF THAT IS THE TRUTH.

Jiejie say I cannot comment much about Cousin E's wife because in Chinese customs, it is consider rude and not being respectful to comment about your seniors.
PS: Does that mean Jiejie and Korkor can comment since both of you are older than Cousin E and his wife?
Jiejie: Well....
Korkor: Don't ask so much.

Mummy said Aunt P told her that she might be getting her own place instead of staying with someone who doesn't like doggies. I sincerely hope that this is all a misunderstanding....

I hope this will never happen to me.... and Uncle Sky too :P

Monday, October 13, 2008

Lonely Lonely Night

Jiejie: Why you kept asking Mummy to carry you?! You heavy bumbum!!
Korkor: Stop using our lateness as excuses for Mummy to carry you -_-"

Friday, October 10, 2008


I am not quite happy with the performance of Jiejie and Korkor for the past few nights.

First they came home late almost every night.
Korkor: Hello! What ALMOST EVERY night?! I was late only on Monday night!
Jiejie: Hello! What ALMOST EVERY night?! I was late only on Tuesday night!

Next they buried themselves with boring activities like cutting my pills, baking, watching TV and stuffs.... EXCEPT the most important thing -> Sleeping.

I really don't understand why the humans like to stay up so late. Especially when the bed is so comfy *grumble* :P

Thursday, October 9, 2008

About my new present from Jiejie

Jiejie bought me a new pressie but I am not happy about it :(

It's a tablet splitter/crusher that can split tablets in half or crush them into powder.

WHAT?! TABLET SPLITTER/CRUSHER???? Does that means more medications!? :S
Jiejie: Or you want me to use this to split/crush your treats? *sniggers*

Jiejie heard about this online website iHerb that sells nutritional supplements at very affordable prices when reading Joey's blog.

She found this toy while online shopping for some nutritional supplements. She placed the order immediately as they are currently having this USD3.99 international shipping promotion (USD1.99 for US customers). The average shipping duration to Singapore is about a week. Just for estimation, Jiejie placed the order last Thursday and she got this today.

If you are ordering for the first time, you can get USD5 off your order if you use a referral code at checkout.

Jiejie's referral code is WAN649 and if you use this code, you'll get USD5 off while she gets some credits based on your purchase total. In case you are curious about the reward programme, you can read about it here. Oh, and and when Jieije first ordered, she tried using the code (thanks to Joey's HC :) together with the shipping promotion and yep, it worked well :)

Jiejie is in cloud nine now because now she no longer needs to cut my medication using scissors and gets ridiculed by Korkor like last time.
Korkor: I NEVER!!!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Guess what? I'm on TV!


And this is another of Jiejie's favourite :P

Thank you Lorenza for sharing this fun site :)

Try out the effects @ PhotoFunia and let me know which one you like best ya :)

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I am so so so happy! Dad and Mum are not working for the whole of this week! That means I can sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep! Hurray!!!!

On side note, Korkor has been coming home quite late for the past one night resulting in me not being able to take my supper at the designated time. I prefer Korkor's style of preparing my supper. Jiejie is just too lazy because she'll just dump everything at one go.

SO.... Korkor, you should know what to do next, right? Hehe!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Presenting to you....

The table that makes my legs go wobbly....

I am not sure if Dr Ling wants to sell this but please, if she does, make sure you beat my Jiejie to buying it!!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Double Standard.... But I like it :P

I am not sure if this is common in your country BUT over here in Singapore, parents/grandparents like to buy these Squeaker Shoes that squeaks with every step their babies takes for their babies.

The truth is, my Jiejie is very very very irritated by that squeaky noise made by these shoes. Every night she'll complained to my mummy about the squeaky noise that came from our neighbour's kid who has just started to learn how to walk.
Mummy: Your Jiejie and Korkor worn those too, when they were learning how to walk :)
Jiejie: :I

And guess what she bought me yesterday?

A Squeaky Slipper. But why only one side? -_-"

My Jiejie will literally beams whenever she sees me playing the toys, biting on them.

Funny thing is that she is not irritated by the squeaky sound I made whenever I bite on the toy but she IS irritated by the squeaky noise my neighbour's baby made. Double standard, no?
Jiejie: No. Period.

Okok. I know my Jiejie loves me alot :)
Jiejie: GLAD that you are aware of that :P

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I hope they remember....

Exactly four years ago today, I was brought back to this place call home by Korkor. This is the picture Jiejie took then (the pair of hairy legs belongs to Eric Korkor and the one carrying me is Carol Jiejie - both good friends of my Korkor).

Jiejie said I was very timid and quiet and whiny :P Well, the truth is, my Jiejie looks very fierce if she don't smile :P

I hope they still remember today is the day.
Jiejie: Happy 4th Anniversary!
Korkor: Today meh? Cannot remember le....

Hmmph! Men! Bleahhhh....

And oh, I truly enjoyed myself yesterday! Except for the 2 hours guard duty that I had to perform while the humans sneaked out for dinner and came back with plastic bag labelled Sheng Shiong.... They went shopping without me!!!! Roaaarrrrrrr :P

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

About getting the day off :)

Last night, after constantly staring at Jiejie for 10 minutes looking like THIS (see below)....

Yes!!!! I am getting an EXTRA day off tomorrow in lieu of my unexpected guard duty on Sunday :)
Jiejie: Actually.... it's a public holiday tomorrow in Singapore but as long as you are happy, you can call it an extra day off lor....

I didn't know it is going to be this easy hence I did not extort request for more stuffs like treats which Bentherotti suggested (Thanks pal!!!!) teeheehee! Oh well, I'm sure there's gonna be another chance soon!

Now I need to start planning what to do tomorrow.... Let's see, sleeping on Jiejie's bed till 10am, then adjourn to Korkor's bed till 1pm, then walk around to scan for foreign objects, then lie on balcony to enjoy the sun.... It's gonna be a VERY busy day I foresee!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sad Sunday

Saturdays and Sundays are suppose to be my rest day. I get to take the day off from performing my usual guard duty at the door when nobody is at home.

How would you feel if you were ask to guard the door work on your rest day? Well, that's what happened yesterday all thanks to Uncle S who brought Mummy and Korkor out for a car ride LAST MINUTE :(
Korkor: Er.... I didn't ask you to guard the door ok....

*Depressed* I hope they'll compensate me with day off-in-lieu soon :P

Friday, September 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to my Korkor

It's my Korkor's birthday today and I would like to wish him a Happy Happy Birthday!

I hope Korkor will like the picture and daisy that I've selected for him heeheehee *sniggers*

And now my dear paw friends, please forgive me coz I NEED to run and hide before he kills me when he sees my masterpiece above....

Before I go.... *clears throat*

Happy Birthday to You....
Happy Birthday to You....
Happy Birthday to Korkor....
Happy Birthday to You!!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Old habit dies hard

I know Jiejie has been complaining about me hogging the bed.

I know it is not right to hog the bed BUT I assure you, being a GOOD doggy, I have been trying out ways to change my habit.



See! Got improvement right?! You only say it is not right to hog the bed BUT you didn't say I cannot hog the pillow right?! Heehee! Zzzzz....
Jiejie: -_-"

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

About my immune system

Thank you folks who asked about what's wrong with me that I need to date the vet so frequently. It is embarassing but I'll tell you anyhow....

Despite my very hyperactive nature, I have an immune system disorder which is otherwise known as allergy. I don't know how true it is but they said skin allergy is quite common for my breed. From what I gather, allergy doesn't do much.... UNTIL when your immune system is weakened :(

I don't know what I am allergic to but when the immune system is weakened, I get unwelcomed visitors - Mr & Mrs Fungus :( When the immune system is strong, it will rejects these visitors. But when it is weak, the immune system cannot handle the fungal infection.

There are many causes for allergies. One of them being diet. The vegetarian diet was an attempt to find out if I am allergic to what I was eating before (i.e. meat).

I've been relying on medication all these while and that worries Jiejie, Korkor and everyone who knows about this.

This is what will happen after every trip to the vet :(

Jiejie will cut the tablets into the required dosage while Korkor will be responsible of packing my medication for individual days. I don't understand why they don't have the tablets available in different dosage though.
Jiejie: Ya! Why must they have weird instructions like ½ tablet or ¾ tablet? *grumbles*

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

About my 2nd visit to the vet

Jiejie and Korkor brought me to see Dr Ling again. This is a follow-up review as Dr Ling has requested to see me again to check my condition after three weeks of medication.

Everything went fine. I even put on my best behaviour when left alone at the back seat.
Jiejie: Yayaya.... best behaviour for 2 seconds for me to take photo only :P

Korkor did not miss the right exit *phew*. I had to occasionally move forward abit to give him the directions.
Korkor: I know the directions VERY WELL!!!!

We reached just in time. As I've just started on my vegetarian diet, it was too early to tell if it was helping. Dr Ling told Jiejie to bring me back again for anther review two weeks later. which means another outting for me hehe!

The only thing which I am not very happy with is what my Jiejie did - she asked Dr Ling if she is selling her table. Apparently Jiejie finds it very amusing to see me tremble while standing on that table and she think it's because of the table. See me going wobbly so funny meh???? Hmmph!

*Serious tone*
Dr Ling, I think you are a very good vet. I sincerely hope that you DO NOT take my Jiejie's words seriously and no, please do not start selling furniture :P

Monday, September 22, 2008

My first award :)

Yay!!!! I've received my very first award from my new friend Desert pups :)

Thanks you Desert pups dear, I love reading your blog too :)

There are some rules that I need to follow - sorry if I got anything wrong as this is the first time I am receiving an award teeheehee :)
  • The winner can put the logo on his/her blog.
  • Link the person you received your award from.
  • Nominate seven other blogs.
  • Put links of those blogs on yours.
  • Leave a message on the blogs that you've nominated.
My nominations *drumroll*

Friday, September 19, 2008

About my closet?!

Reading Lorenza's latest post makes me envious. Look at her closet then look at mine!
Jiejie: Erm.... Sorry, you DO NOT have a closet dear....

Erm, sorry. Jiejie just reminded me that I DO NOT have a closet. WHY? Because the collection is miserable - I can count the number of outfits I have with ONE single paw!!!! *roar*

This is the first outfit Jiejie got for me. Check out my cute butt and sexy short tail :P

Using the first outfit as reference, my Mummy made me this second one. I like this piece a lot - well, it's my first and only low waist hehe :P

Then as I slowly grow bigger, so did my *ahem* assets. Jiejie bought me this third outfit so as to conceal my assets away from those lustful eyes :P

This spaghetti top is quite suitable for Singapore's weather, except that the straps kept falling off *blow wolf whistles*

Those are the only three outfits that I have. Miserable, no? :I

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Eye massage

Yesterday evening after dinner, Jiejie was sitting down on the floor watching TV.

So, as usual, I'll just walk over and help myself with the bolster her leg :)

I think Jiejie must be in a very good mood because apart from sponsoring her leg, she gave me an additional eye massage *happy* It was so good that I almost fell asleep!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

About my new toy

Jiejie bought me a treat which has no smell. Strange.
Jiejie: It NOT a treat. It's a toy -_-"

It's a banana, with a smiling face. You think I'll spare you just because you smile sweetly at me? :P

Anyway, Jiejie was very amazed many minutes later, after she handed me the treat. This is what I did.

I peeled the skin. I thought that's elementary, no? Me no understand why my Jiejie go gaga over the fact that I know how to peel? Oh well~

I love playing with the new toy but Jiejie say no playing when it is bed time.... oh well....

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

About going vegetarian

On the last visit, Dr Ling suggested to Jiejie and Korkor to put me on Elimination Diet. She actually recommended something vegetarian. As I still have half a bagful of prescription diet (Eukanuba Response Formula) left, Jiejie decided to finish that first before trying out the new diet.

Now, being a good doggy, I decided to help her by finishing up the half bag as quickly as I could :)
Jiejie: Yayaya....

Now that the mission has been accomplished, it is time to reveal what I'll be having from today onwards!


Dr Ling recommended that I try the Addiction Zen Vegetarian Dog Food which has the wellness formula for dogs allergic to meat and rich in Omega 3 & 6 for healthier skin and coat. Phew!!!! Fortunately I am not allergic to food, else really mega sadness leh~

Here's the ingredients list for those who are interested in what I'll be stuffing my tummy with from today onwards.

Jiejie let me tasted some while she was transferring the contents to the container yesterday.

My review:
Korkor: Everything taste yummy to you what!


Well, I kind of like the name of this.... Zen Vegetarian.... Wonder will it help in improving my meditation skills....

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bee Bee is a good girl :)

Jiejie wants to test the video recording function of her new phone hence this post :P

Friday, September 12, 2008

About Mid Autumn Festival

It is Mid Autumn Festival (also known as the "Mooncake Festival", also also known as the "Lantern Festival") this coming Sunday.

From this year onwards, I have decided that I DO NOT like Mooncake Mid Autumn Festival. Period.
Jiejie: Are you trying to imitate me?


Thursday, September 11, 2008

About monitoring Jiejie closely

One of the many things I like to do is to lean on Jiejie's fat legs :P

It's soft and comfy.... just like a warm cushion all thanks to the amount of fat present...
Jiejie: -_-"

PLUS this is also the BEST way to monitor her closely - for example, if she stands up and goes to kitchen for food, I can IMMEDIATELY cheong ah!!!! follow.... :P

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Day 14 of no bone bone from Jiejie :(

After two weeks, finally we are seeing improvements from the weighing scale.

Improvement of 100g nia....

PS: I STILL think that there is something wrong with the weighing scale.... *pout*

Ohoh! Jess Jiejie asked my Jiejie to ask me if I like BBQ.... My answer.... OF COURSE I LIKE LAR!!!! Got Bee Bee in it leh! And Bee Bee of course Cute lar! BeeBeeCute!!!! Bee Bee like!!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Sadness :(

Today, both Jiejie and Korkor left the house before 6:30am.

Why sad? Because usually Jiejie will be the first to leave the house at around 6:30am, follow by Korkor at around 8+. When both of them leave together, it means I am deprived of approximately 2 hours of sleeping on Korkor's bed!

As a result, my guard duty at the door starts early today :P

Korkor you better come home early tonight so that I can claim back my 2 hours!

Monday, September 8, 2008

About blogging II

Another photo of me blogging :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

About my waist

Jess Jiejie was asking my Jiejie about my erm waist.

Apparently the above photo (also found on my previous post) gave her a very STRONG WRONG idea that I am FAT.... She CANNOT find my waist!


Jess Jiejie, I assure you it is the definitely the angle! SOMPAH!!!! My Jiejie is terrible when it comes to finding the right angle to take a good photo.

Well, I figured that the only way to make her believe is to show her this (see below).

There! Can see my waist now?!?! I got waist de!!

PS: Important areas are marked with daisies for OBVIOUS reason :P