Thursday, September 4, 2008

About the bed hogger

Jiejie and I share the same bed.
Jiejie: What SHARE? That is MY bed!

As I have mentioned in this post, I have the good habit of helping myself to the bed when it is bedtime, even when Jiejie is busy watching some Taiwanese Entertainment show about some act cute boys on TV.

This is what will usually happen first. I'll hop on to the bed and try to make myself comfy.

Jiejie: This IS a super single bed. Do you have to sleep horizontally?! Where do you expect me to sleep?!

Hmmm.... yahor.... good question <- This will be my reply to Jiejie, coupled with the "oh yahor" look as captured below.
And finally, I'll adjourn to the next position so that she can join me. So SWEEEEEEET of me right? Ya I know :)
Jiejie: .... *speechless*

Now the bed is nice and warm for Jiejie to sleep in. So SWEEEEEEET of me right? Ya I know :D

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