Tuesday, September 16, 2008

About going vegetarian

On the last visit, Dr Ling suggested to Jiejie and Korkor to put me on Elimination Diet. She actually recommended something vegetarian. As I still have half a bagful of prescription diet (Eukanuba Response Formula) left, Jiejie decided to finish that first before trying out the new diet.

Now, being a good doggy, I decided to help her by finishing up the half bag as quickly as I could :)
Jiejie: Yayaya....

Now that the mission has been accomplished, it is time to reveal what I'll be having from today onwards!


Dr Ling recommended that I try the Addiction Zen Vegetarian Dog Food which has the wellness formula for dogs allergic to meat and rich in Omega 3 & 6 for healthier skin and coat. Phew!!!! Fortunately I am not allergic to food, else really mega sadness leh~

Here's the ingredients list for those who are interested in what I'll be stuffing my tummy with from today onwards.

Jiejie let me tasted some while she was transferring the contents to the container yesterday.

My review:
Korkor: Everything taste yummy to you what!


Well, I kind of like the name of this.... Zen Vegetarian.... Wonder will it help in improving my meditation skills....


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bee Bee!
Zen Vegetarian! Sounds interesting!
I have to eat special kibble too... obesity management! My live is an endless diet!
Kisses and hugs


Woof Bee Bee

Oh my dog, vegetarian? Holy puppy poop!!! A vegetarian dog, what will they think of next? We're meat eaters in this house. But if the veggie diet works for you, then that's the important thing. Good luck with it.

Desert Pups