Tuesday, September 2, 2008

About double standards

Dr Ling from Namly Animal Clinic told Jiejie that my condition is most likely due to allergy. Allergic to what - she said it could be due to diet and possibly environmental (we hope not!). She told Jiejie to put me on elimination diet first to see if that is the reason.

Elimination diet means nothing else except the dry food prescribed by the vet. No carrots. No potatoes. Not even apples!!!!

Now whenever I attempt to charm her with my doeful eyes, Jiejie will cuddle me every time and mumble something about whatever she is doing is for my own good.

BUT I CAN TELL YOU............................ Double standard lor! *hmphhh*

Well, Jiejie is down with flu - her throat is inflammed and her nose blocked. See the basket of tissue she wasted!?!

STILL, she had Hainanese Chicken Rice with huge serving of chilli for dinner on Sunday night and yesterday she had Bak Chor Mee dried style with EXTRA Chilli!!!! I even caught her loittering near the fridge and checking the freezer out, attempting to help herself with the potong ice-cream which Mummy bought!!!!

What is this!!!! NOT FAIR!!!!
Jiejie: This is call using poison to fight poison :P

PS: Does that mean I can use treats poison to fight the allergy poison too?
Jiejie: No. Period.

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