Wednesday, September 3, 2008

About my name

Last night, Jiejie was going through the basket which contains my medications and she realised that the previous animal clinic actually recorded my name wrongly.

They recorded the name as "Bibi". Maybe they think I look like peranakan? Hmmmm.....

Jiejie cannot remember why I was named Ong Bee Bee but she vaguely recall that it has got something to do with the suggestion given by one of Korkor's friends (Think it is Carol Jiejie).

Well, Jiejie wasn't in favour of the name in the beginning. She wanted to name me "Meow" actually.... Phew~ *wipe cold sweat*
Jiejie: :P

Whichever the case, the whole family finally agreed to the name "Ong Bee Bee". Bee as in buzzing bee ya know?

And I think this name really describes me very well. Check my sting out! See!

Ong Bee Bee and her sting :)


Jess said...

Meow Meow! i still think it is more affectionate to call u Meow ^___^

Bee Bee said...

MeooooOOOOoooow! As long as you happy lor :)