Monday, October 20, 2008

About DIY Mud Spa :P

I don't know if it is the Elimination Diet or other stuffs that I have been doing but the skin does seems to be healthier *touch wood*

And to share with you, one of the other stuffs which I have been doing is the weekly Mud Spa sessions :)

Jiejie heard from Dr Ling some pet owners commented that sending their pet for mud spa seems to help improve the skin condition. Well, Jiejie has developed this phobia of sending me to the groomers after our last unpleasant experience (I developed more rashes after the session) hence the idea of DIY Mud Spa for me came to her mind!
Korkor: *this crazy woman*

As she wasn't sure of what kind of "mud" would be suitable for my delicate skin, she sought the help from Jess Jiejie, the lovely owner of Yours Essentially. Jess Jiejie suggested White Kaolin Clay as it is the mildest clay available which is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. Jiejie did a patch test on me and monitored for a week just to ensure that I am not allergic to the clay. Hmmm.... is that consider animal testing? :P
Jiejie: No. Period.

The end result is a smoother and softer coat which I don't really like! Well, would you like it if your humans kept stroking you none-stop JUST to feel the smoothness and softness of your coat BUT not because they feel like sayang-ing (meaning: show affection for) you? Okok, I shouldn't be complaining, afterall, I am getting extra caressing :P

The DIY Mud Spa process is very simple. Jiejie will first shampoo me as per normal and after rinsing, she will apply the diluted clay all over me, paying more attention to the spots which I often had rashes. She will then leave the clay on me for a few minutes while she do some other stuffs like cleansing my pillow cases or toys. After a few minutes, she'll massage my coat again *ooooh I love this part* before proceeding to the final rinse.

I've been Spa-ed weekly for more than a month already and my skin condition improved tremendously. As such, she has placed an order for more clay :P
Korkor: 12oz?!!!! *this crazy woman*


Lorenza said...

Hi, Bee Bee!
Our humans are able to do whatever needed for us! We are lucky!
Glad to hear you feel better with your mud spa!
Kisses and hugs

The Three Musketeers said...

Wow , you're so lucky ! DIY Mud spa ! Sounds like fun & comfort ! Thanks for wishing me anyway , anyway is not my 1 year barkday yet ! so its ok (:



Woof Bee Bee,

Mud sounds like a lot of fun. We hope it works for you and that you have a little time to play in it. Take pictures.

Desert Pups