Tuesday, October 14, 2008

About Uncle Sky

This is Uncle Sky. His mummy Aunt P is the aunt of my Jiejie & Korkor so by right he should be my cousin but due to unknown reasons, my Korkor said Sky is my uncle hence that makes him my uncle.

I like Uncle Sky, although I know he gets irritated whenever I bugs him. It's okay Uncle Sky. Eventhough you snapped at me twice when you came to visit my mummy, I still like you.

Over the weekend, we overheard mummy talking about Uncle Sky.

Apparently, Jiejie's cousin - Cousin E (Aunt P's son) has just got married and will be moving to a new unit soon. Aunt P is supposed to move into the new unit with them. Cousin E's wife has make it a point that she does not want to have dogs in HER house and that makes Aunt P very upset.

I am puzzled because Cousin E's wife used to visit Aunt P every weekend and I didn't hear her complaining about Uncle Sky then. Jiejie said I cannot say bad things about Cousin E's wife changing her face attitude after the matrimony paper is signed eventhough it seems to be very obvious.

I hope mummy heard the wrong thing because IF THAT IS THE TRUTH, then this is very upsetting :( Uncle Sky has been with my Aunt P for almost 10 years and I am very sure Aunt P will be very very very very upset if she's not allowed to bring Uncle Sky to the new place.

Jiejie say I cannot say bad things about her Cousin E's wife eventhough I think that is terrible of Cousin E's wife to not allow Uncle Sky into the new place IF THAT IS THE TRUTH.

Jiejie say I must keep my cool eventhough I think that Cousin E's wife is cruel and hardhearted to even harbour that thought IF THAT IS THE TRUTH.

Jiejie say I must not lose my temper eventhough I think that Cousin E's wife is being unreasonable and unaccommodating IF THAT IS THE TRUTH.

Jiejie say I cannot comment much about Cousin E's wife because in Chinese customs, it is consider rude and not being respectful to comment about your seniors.
PS: Does that mean Jiejie and Korkor can comment since both of you are older than Cousin E and his wife?
Jiejie: Well....
Korkor: Don't ask so much.

Mummy said Aunt P told her that she might be getting her own place instead of staying with someone who doesn't like doggies. I sincerely hope that this is all a misunderstanding....

I hope this will never happen to me.... and Uncle Sky too :P


Huskee and Hershey said...

Hi Bee Bee,
Gee, Cousin E's wife doesn't know what she is missing if she choose not to let Sky stay at her new house. She'd miss knowing the love you can get from a dog; the happiness on the dog's face when the human comes home; the undying look of devotion when you rub their ears/ tummy; etc.
At the end of the day, it's her loss.. :P

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bee Bee!
What is going to happen with Sky??
Like you, I hope this is a misunderstanding!
Better go away now because bad words are about to come out of my mouth!
Take care
Kisses and hugs