Friday, October 3, 2008

Double Standard.... But I like it :P

I am not sure if this is common in your country BUT over here in Singapore, parents/grandparents like to buy these Squeaker Shoes that squeaks with every step their babies takes for their babies.

The truth is, my Jiejie is very very very irritated by that squeaky noise made by these shoes. Every night she'll complained to my mummy about the squeaky noise that came from our neighbour's kid who has just started to learn how to walk.
Mummy: Your Jiejie and Korkor worn those too, when they were learning how to walk :)
Jiejie: :I

And guess what she bought me yesterday?

A Squeaky Slipper. But why only one side? -_-"

My Jiejie will literally beams whenever she sees me playing the toys, biting on them.

Funny thing is that she is not irritated by the squeaky sound I made whenever I bite on the toy but she IS irritated by the squeaky noise my neighbour's baby made. Double standard, no?
Jiejie: No. Period.

Okok. I know my Jiejie loves me alot :)
Jiejie: GLAD that you are aware of that :P


BenTheRotti said...

Mum says she would have never bought those squeaky shoes for my beans and that sounds like a silly idea to her. She is with your JieJie on this one and would be irritated. She says its not double standards to buy you squeaky toys because if you are irritating her she can take them away from you, she could not however rip the shoes from a childs feet! Squeaky shoes should be banned.. thats just our opinion!

Ben xxxx

Lorenza said...

Hi, Bee Bee!
Here we don't use those squeaky shoes for babies.
I love squeaky toys, specially at midnight!
Kisses and hugs


Woof Bee Bee

Squeaky shoes sounds really pawsome. We could chew on those for days and days, though it might drive our Mom insane.

Desert Pups

Huskee and Hershey said...

wahaha.. you know what, my mom remembers wearing them when she was a kid too but only for a short while cos everyone in the family found it a nuisance!!

I have the slipper too Bee Bee! (but mine's almost 'dead'..)