Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I've not been updating my blog for quite some time ALL THANKS to my Jiejie :P

Jiejie has been busy with attending Four Pillars classes and as a result of that, I hardly see her at home EXCEPT when it's time to sleep. Now that the course has ended, I finally get to spend more time with her :)

Just when I thought finally we could have more quality time together, that mad woman had to ruin it by deciding to revise her notes on Feng Shui Applications :P

Oops! There's this trick on the notes that teaches people how to deal with kids who are hyperactive. Let me cover it before she notices it and decides to use it on me.... shhhh....

But Jiejie, I think you should use the "make lazy people hardworking" trick on Korkor the lazy bum though :P *runs and hides*

Friday, November 14, 2008

Updates - Not SO angry with Korkor now....

After reading the last post and the comments left by all you sweet beings (I lub you all!), my Korkor finally admits that it was his mistake NOT RIGHT of him to miss the schedule :P
Korkor: BUT I didn't do anything wrong! I was fixing the wireless configuration so that your Jiejie can surf using the IBM as well!
Jiejie: Please leave me out of this, don't drag me in :P

And to compensate me, he fed me my supper at 9:54pm last night! Woah! Thats exactly 6 mins earlier than usual!

Korkor, you still owe me TWO mins and I'll be counting! Bleahhh ;)

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Angry with Korkor

My Korkor is really evil. Hng!
Jiejie: Now then you know ah? :P

Jiejie has been telling me about how evil Korkor is (because Korkor deliberately don't want to teach Jiejie how to switch on his PSP and load the Brain Games - he don't want her to play with his toy when he is not around!) although I always chose to give him the benefit of doubt. BUT last night, I am TOTALLY convinced that Korkor IS evil!

You see, I am a very disciplined dog. I like to do my things according to schedule. So according to my schedule, I am supposed to have my supper at 10:00pm and after that, I'll head for the bed straight. It's not good to eat and sleep immediately for human, but for doggies, you can eat ANYTIME hee!

I think my Korkor hates me for spoiling his Boon Lay market and so last night he sort of deliberately missed the scheduled time for my supper! He MISSED it! So petty and revengeful! Hng!

He spent the entire night fiddling with his IBM Thinkpad and ignored Jiejie's constant reminders to feed me my supper. I could have gotten Jiejie to do it but it's not as fun - Jiejie will just dump everything into the bowl while Korkor will torture me and expect me to perform in front of Mummy to earn my treats play with me a little first before surrendering the treats.

And yes. As a result, I missed my usual bedtime and could only sleep at 10:08pm. Shame on Korkor!!!! Hmmph!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

About spoiling market

*Gasp* Did you hear anything about the market that has been spoilt?

Jiejie mumbled this to me last night while I was half asleep so I didn't really hear very clearly, beauty sleep is more important, no?

I vaguely remember her saying things about ".... you are spoiling market.... dogs are supposed to watch the house and be the last to fall asleep.... why are you sleeping so early?.... now Mummy thinks that Korkor and I aren't sensible.... She said you are the most sensible.... you happy now.... you spoilt the market!"

Singlish (Singaporean English) Definition: spoil market

  1. A term used to describe someone who does his work so well, he makes his colleagues look bad.
    “Check out how Ah Seng's report! Got leather binding and colour transparencies! He damn spoil market one.”

I wonder which market is that? Could it be the Boon Lay Market? Thats the nearest market that I can remember. Oh no, does that means no more Midnight Express Nasi Lemak supper for Korkor ! *yawn*
Korkor: -_-"

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Everybody is sick!

Korkor is sick.

Jiejie is sick.

Daddy thinks that he is sick.

Mummy is on her regular dose of hypertension medication.

And I am proud to announce that I am the ONLY ONE in the household that is NOT on any medication *mega grin* :D
Korkor: Erm, do you think we should let her resume her medication?

NooooOOOOOooooooOOOOOOOooooo! *scream*